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5 Habits to Improve Your Day-to-day

Happy Tuesday! Even though we’re living in an uncertain time, having access to technology and making choices about your daily schedule is quite a privilege. It's an opportunity to use your time wisely and develop positive changes. Here are a few ways to improve your day:

1) Gratitude

Fortunately, the gratitude movement is growing. If you get to work, relax, or study at home, then you’re lucky. That’s why I enjoy writing a few things I’m grateful for every morning. Although writing for the sake of writing isn’t enough. Make sure you feel appreciation and joy with each statement. It can be anything from “I’m grateful for those 6 pistachios I ate earlier” to “I’m grateful for this life.” Here’s more information on how gratitude is beneficial.

2) Micro-movements

Are you moving enough? I’m not talking about rigorous exercise. Are you nodding your head, taking a lap around your room, stretching? Aka not staying sedentary for endless hours. It’s important to take mini-breaks that aren’t distracting. Try lunging while you’re watching your favorite Netflix shows or set a specific time to do pushups. I set alarms for odd times (e.g. 3:42 PM) to make sure I get up instead of staying in a flow state for hours.

3) Digital Breaks

I know scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook is super exciting after a long day. Try shutting off your phone and laptop for 1-2 hours instead. Being indoors for a few months is bound to reverse some of the progress digital minimalism has made. We should be intentional with our time instead of falling into a social media time suck. I usually leave my room with all my devices as a quick escape.

4) Form Habits

I’m taking this time to figure out which habits I want to develop for the long-term. For example, flossing my teeth was so tedious, but it’s such a simple habit. I finally started flossing regularly two years ago. Sorry mom it took so long. It was such a small hurdle, but it’s a good reminder that I can stick to habits. You can form incredible habits, and starting is the first step.

5) Find Joy

COVID-19 is affecting so many families mentally and financially. It’s difficult to feel joy when so many people around us are suffering. Of course, these humanitarian issues predate COVID-19. You might feel the collective sadness or loss of hope. However, sending joy and positive vibrations out in the world can be a longer-term solution. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself and those around you.



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